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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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inches. the advisory goes into effect at 7:00 tomorrow and carries through 8:00 tomorrow evening. now that said, we have clear skies right now, but high clouds are back to the west and this is the system. we'll throw high clouds our way tonight. it will stay dry tonight and dry tomorrow morning for the commute. and then things go south. 51 right now. 48 in gaithersburg. the air is very, very dry. so when moisture comes in, the surface temperature will fall and the column of air above us is going to support snow for a time. cold, low temperatures in the 30s. winds will turn northeasterly at 10. we'll come back and tell you when the rain and snow moves in. your evening commute, and also it may extend into your morning commute on thursday. lesli. >> one of maryland's larger malls was the scene of a shooting today that left a lot of shoppers badly shaken. it happened at the mall in glenn burny maryland and that's where scott broom joins us live with an update on a very active
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investigation. scott. >> did is an active investigation and this is one of those shooting scenes that surrounded by familiar brand names. jc penney, sears. what is not familiar is the hail of gunfire that broke out just as the lunch hour was winding down. >> i'm afraid to get out. i don't want to get out. i used to feel safe here. i'm not anymore. >> reactions from just one shopper. ringed by crime scene tape and evidence markers to show where spent shell casings fell to the ground. >> a little murky to the details. what exactly preceded this shooting and this altercation in the parking lot? >> anne arundel police described a scene with a lot of people involved. lots of shots fired. the victim taken from the scene in a panic by two friends who fled in a car to this dunkin donuts car. another man fleeing in a small sedan. >> this took place in broad
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daylight in a public setting with people here. again, it's concerning to the police department. >> the daytime i feel safe. i don't come at night, but now i have a big husband. i might bring him from now on. >> police have not identified the victim, except to say he's a young man in his 20s who was shot repeatedly in the upper body. he's in a hospital trying to recover tonight. they are looking for a dark colored honda. that's about the only description they have to go on with two suspects inside. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. scott, thank you. the date is now set for a plea hearing for lesli johnson, a prince georges county council member. she faces federal charges of witness and evidence tampering. it's all connected to the corruption case involving her husband, jack johnson, the former prince georges county executive. he is awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to taking bribes from developers. >> we are learning more about the alleged child abuse case in
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prince william county. 33-year-old john robey and 26- year-old christina moore are accused of trapping their three daughters ages 4, 2, and 4 months nude and in a room filled with feces and urine. police say they also found drugs inside the home and deplorable conditions in the bedrooms. > pretty clear that she shouldn't have children. on the other hand, we can't regulate who gives birth and who doesn't. her history is going to be considered in the future. >> 2005 court documents show christina moore pled guilty to child neglect when her then two- year-old twin boys were found wandering a landfill wearing only diapers. she served one year probation and her young boys were taken away. tonight, michelle reid goes on national television to blast the u.s.a. today report that questions whether some of the gains on dc student test scores are real. the report based on statistics says so many of the students wrong answers had been erased and changed to right ones, there's almost no way those
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changes could have been legitimate. bruce johnson has been on this story from the beginning. he has new information that has just come in. >> it's good for the parents out there. lesli, a short time ago, acting chancellor made public the security reviews done by an outside independent company for the standardized test. henderson reiterated in a statement tonight that the review by the consulting services of philadelphia found no evidence of cheat at any of the schools flagged for testing irregularities. former chancellor, michelle reid is out of town tonight in indiana, we're told, before leaving she taped an appearance for pbs, in which she criticized the u.s.a. today article and defends student test scores under her watch. >> i mean, if you look at the story overall, i think it absolutely lacks credibility. >> rhee tells travis smiley there were questions raised about the high number of
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incorrect answers changed to correct answers, but she says an outside security firm found no wrong doing. >> when the academic achievement rates of a district like dc go up, people assume it can't be because the kids are actually attaining higher gains in student achievement, but something like cheating, in this case was not the case. >> noyes elementary is the school targeted by the u.s.a. today report. dc school officials are refusing to discuss specifics, but the president of the dc state board of education confirmed to 9news today that during a briefing 14 months ago, school authorities admitted they took actions against people in charge after so many wrong answers had been changed to the correct ones. >> we were told that there were four classrooms that were identified where there was a high eraser rate. in other words, incorrect answers were erased and correct answers were inserted. now, in those instances and
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those four classrooms, we were also told that whoever administered the test, that having been a teacher, a counselor, whatever, those individuals had subsequently been removed. enter somebody suspected that somebody or somebodies other than the students are making these changes. >> i would say assume so, yes. >> outside company brought in to investigate the many erasers, they found no evidence of cheating. in her statement this evening, acting chancellor henderson says her report resolved a number of people of wrong doing. she doesn't say everybody, u.s.a. today computer assistant says the philadelphia company simply did a limited review. >> okay, so this year's testing starts next week and everybody knows what can we expect this go around? >> told us today that he's going to have everybody in and they're going to be dotting their i's, crossing their t's to make sure security is tight. they paid $100,000 to this firm
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to head up security and kai henderson said this is important. this one counts on these test scores for evaluations. this is how you know if renorms will working. we can have the highest paid teachers in the country if this is right. >> and that's what happened at noyes and that's part of the reason why people are concerned about these results. bruce johnson, thank you so much. when it comes to naming new metro stations, you want to think pragmatic. metro is expanding to dulles airport and that calls for eight new stations that need eight new names. fairfax county supervisors just approved some of them. you have to think prague gnattic. there is tyson's mcclane. tyson's one and two, tyson's spring hill road. we are going somewhere here. reston willie avenue. hernden reston west. they still need final approval, but not from the likes of mya
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angelo. now to a case that could have an effect. a sex dediscrimination case against wal-mart. but they will decide whether a class action lawsuit can go forward. wal-mart is accused of paying women less and promoting them less. >> wal-mart is trying their level best to keep us out of court so the facts will not be presented to the public at large or before a sitting jury. >> i've had a very positive experience at wal-mart, like thousands of other women. >> a ruling is expected by late june. next, the latest on the disaster in japan and later, how that has not dampened the mood at the cherry blossom festival. organizers decided to dedicate this year's event to helping them heal and we are there live. ♪
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we must continue to pursue the broader goal of a libya that belongs not to a dictator, but to the libyan people. urging the world to speak with a single voice to moammar gadhafi and leave power. at an international conference. countries must work together to isolate gadhafi, she says no decision has been made about arming the rebels. president obama has ruled out using u.s. troops, but some lawmakers say more force may be necessary. >> this is the libyan people's fight, but we need to continue to help make it a fairer fight. >> the u.s. hands off leadership of the military operation to nato. the official death count in japan from the earthquake and tsunami passed 11,000. it's been more than two weeks since the twin disasters and
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japan government or the japanese government does not appear to be any closer to solving the problems at the fukushima nuclear complex. the situation is unpredictable. today workers are removing highly radioactive water, which is an essential step before the cooling system can be restored. all u.s. military aircraft that has been flown to areas are being checked for radiation. >> up next, it's an invasion of another source from asia and it's a pest that is on the verge of causing just as much as those awful stink bugs. we're going to show you what to watch out for after the break. do your lashes want volume or length?
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. first a stink bug and now we have to look out for something else. this is the brown fur long horn beetle from china. it's pretty ugly. you might see them in your backyard and the bugs were found in shipping containers in the port of baltimore. that little tiny bug has caused billions with a b of dollars in
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damage to parts of new england. port operators hope baltimore will be the last stop for the hitchhiker. they have a full-time bug hunter on staff looking for it and other invaders. we're getting some of the first numbers on just how many drivers are using the new intercounty connector. according to the maryland transportation authority, an average of 1,057 drivers use the toll road each weekday during the 5:00 p.m. hour last week. and the transportation authority expects that number to climb over the coming months. drivers who use the road during peek hours are charged $1.45 per trip. let's take a look at wait times around other parts of our area. monica has her eyes on the road. >> we have the green light, although there may be a wait on the parkway. authorities have been dealing with an accident for a while now northbound side at route 32. it's been blocking the left lane. you see yellow cars, it means it's below the speed limit heading by that accident. let's take you over to
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maryland. here's what it looks like on 270. you have your initial delays beginning at montgomery village avenue. take you to 66 on the westbound side and from route 7100. you'll be going 33 miles an hour. lesli, back to you. thank you, this year's cherry blossom festival is take on new meaning with the tragedy that continues to unfold in japan. a quote from one online blog is u.s. and japan's solidarity blooms amid the cherry blossoms. those blooms are at their peek despite the cold temperatures. matt is live at the title basin and matt, you've had plenty of company tonight. >> reporter: lesli, despite the slightly chilly temperatures, the title basin has been teaming with people all day long. people young and old from every corner of the country and several other countries as well. tomorrow, unfortunately could be a very different story. topper has been telling us all day long, some much colder weather is heading our way. colder and wetter. that will mean less people here
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at the title basin. what will it mean for the cherry blossoms themselves? as long as the wind doesn't kick up, the cool weather should not affect them. in fact, they normally do well in cool weather. >> ideally, if mother nature cooperated and keeps it relatively cool and hopefully no great amount of wind, they should be on the trees through this coming weekend and this coming weekend should be a fantastic time for people to come down and see the cherry trees. >> with that in mind, here's hoping for several more days of cool, but not frigid weather, light winds, and a lot of excellent cherry blossom viewing. come on down, the spectacular show continues for a few more days. lesli. >> thank you. with that we will transition into topper. and you have said that the snow doesn't hurt it, it doesn't make it as fun to go out and walk. >> it isn't as inviting, but no wind. good news. temperatures aren't going to be super cold either.
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that said, we have a myriad of other problems. let's start with temperatures. temperatures down to 51 downtown. upper 40s now in the suburbs. these are 10 degrees below average. the air is very, very dry. when we start seeing rain tomorrow, we're going to see temperatures fall. 36 in oakland. 50 in cumberland and 49 in hagerstown. here's the satellite picture, radar combined, there's the storm. it's going to be our storm for tomorrow and into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. then we get a quick break and another storm comes thursday afternoon and thursday night. quite frankly, we have a better chance of snow thursday night than we do from this storm. right now some rain, showers, even a few thunderstorms along the kentucky, tennessee border. we have clear skies right now. high clouds will come in tonight, we'll stay dry tonight and stay dry tomorrow morning as well. all right, so yes more like winter. clouds return tonight t. will be a dry morning commute. a cold rain with wet snow north and west for the evening
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commute tomorrow. add a little extra time tomorrow evening coming home. and it can snow when surface temperatures are above freezing. it looks like they will be, it's not uncommon to have snowfall when surface temperatures are 35, 36 degrees. which means it won't stick, which is a good thing. tonight, high clouds come in. notice there's no green blobs yet. by morning, again cloudy, but nothing falling in the immediate metro area. a little bit of snow to the west. but then by lunchtime, boom, here comes the rain. there is the snow west of hagertown, primarily west of i- 81. that's where the advisories are and we'll put this into motion by evening. pretty good rain, especially east of town in the yellows is moderate rain. much of prince georges county, anne arundel county, into southern maryland and this is a snow or mix from essentially winchester, martinsburg westward. that's going to be the deal. and then we'll have a wet commute tomorrow night. it will probably extend into thursday morning with left over showers. good news is, they should be winding down before the next
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system comes in here thursday night. where will the snow accumulate? out where it's colder. maybe 4 inches in oakland. 2 inches in cumberland. temperatures will struggle to get above freezing. tonight, just increasing clouds and cold, dry. temperatures in the 30s and well above freezing downtown. in fact, downtown we are looking at temperatures 37, maybe even 36. next seven days, we catch our breath on thursday. we get maybe some morning showers and another system comes in. rain thursday night and probably a better chance of snow thursday night with that next system. it bleeds into friday. thursday is home opener. might get it in. upper 40s, that's it. another shot of rain on saturday. temperatures, this may be a little high. low 40s on saturday. maybe some snow, too. and okay on sunday. more rain on monday. >> okay. all right. done with you. can we call it a comeback? >> oh, you did a little l.l.
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cool j didn't you? >> i don't think most fans care if he comes back, as long as he is ready for the playoff games after the last six games are over. his battery has been officially recharged. set to make his return tonight, we think. we'll tell you who else is coming back for the caps. plus, manchester united coming to dc playing another euro super team and the motorcycle that became a unicycle. 9sports is next.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. in my mind, alex ovechkin spent the last week like most superheros do, they retreat to some arctic ice cave or some hideout. but apparently it was a three bedroom condo in arlington. whatever he did, the two-time mvp seems recharged and ready to rejoin his teammates as they host carolina tonight. six games left before the
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playoffs start and having him rested and healthy for that moment is exactly what the caps and he had in mind. >> i would like to play all of them. it is the way it is. so maybe tonight, maybe the next game. >> jason also skated today and could rejane the team tonight for the first time since march 13. mark green skated yesterday, but no timetable for him recovering from those concussions. randy cuts somewhat figure on the maryland sideline. but will the team actually be better under etzel's guidance? the new coach oversaw his first spring practice today. first of 15 sessions to take place over the next month. he did so with the long shadow of last year's 9-4 season and a bowl win hanging over the ground. how will this coach and this team improve on that? >> we might have a new scheme, new terminology, but it's a lot of the same guys and we are a
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tight family here at maryland and we are excited on what we are going to put on the field. >> the skies are the limit as far as our running possibilities. especially the depth that we have. it will be interesting. >> news from terps basketball today, the sophomore, jordan williams is declaring for the nba draft. he averaged 17-12 this year. he can withdraw before may 8. dc soccer fans are going to want to circle july 30 on the calendar. that's when a blockbuster friendly is coming. the two most storied franchises in all of europe. tickets expected to go on sale in april. baseball now. today was the last day of the grapefruit league season for the nats. with 14 wins and 12 losses, the team guaranteed themselves a winning record in spring training for the first time in their history. pretty good. opening day is on thursday. we'll have live coverage from nats park.
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this is adam laroche. it was his first of the spring. david wright, more than made up for that shot for the mets. three-run blast in the 7th. new york wins 8-2. nats are headed north as we speak. nats fest at the ball park tomorrow. a reminder for high schoolers. we still have a few slots for campus cor correspondents. you can apply at >> the rider is maxine. i don't think they attached the back wheel properly since it flew off in the middle of the race. he is lucky he lived. the bike spins around backwards and he gets a ride he hadn't bargained for. do they have lug nuts that keep your wheel on? >> you sure hope so. >> they have something. didn't work. all right, that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. derek will see you at 7:00.
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have a great night.


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